8 Hot Yoga Benefits And Why You Need To Sweat It Out

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Hot yoga is in the news for quite some time now. And, for those uninitiated, the first question will naturally be, what is hot yoga? How is it different from normal yoga? We will know about it all, and also discuss about the hot yoga benefits to your body. 

What Is Hot Yoga? 

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Let’s address the primary question first. Hot yoga is just like any normal yoga, but performed in a room that is heated to above normal temperature. The resultant temperature is between 80 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

You will probably come across yet another term “Bikram Yoga” and find that many use it alternately in place of “hot yoga”. Even though Bikram Yoga uses higher temperature, it is not the same as hot yoga. In this case the temperature is set to 105 degrees Fahrenheit along with 40% humidity. There are 26 specific poses in this yoga. 

Hot Yoga Benefits

So, how do you benefit from hot yoga? Let’s check out the benefits now. 

Better Flexibility 

Hot yoga uses postures that makes you use the joints that you seldom use anyway. So, it is a great way to improve your entire body flexibility. Your joints are better exercised as well and thus you enjoy greater movability. 

Stronger Bones 

Hot yoga is said to help with building bone density. Among older population reduced bone density is a major concern. This makes the bones brittle and prone to breakage in case of any accident. Thus, hot yoga is a great way to ensure that your bones are strong and you are fit. 

Higher Calorie Burn

Hot yoga uses heat along with the extreme postures. This promotes higher calorie burn. It is extremely beneficial for those who have been trying to lose weight and get into shape within a short time span without going into a crash diet or try something risky. 

Helps With Depression

Yoga in itself is a great option to battle depression. Among the many yoga benefits mood elevation is one of the most discussed one. And, hot yoga helps with that even more. 

Reduces Stress

Stress reduction is possible through breathing exercises. Also, with physical activity stress can be reduced. Since hot yoga promotes both, it is quite effective when it comes to stress reduction. 

Skin Nourishment

High temperature is used even while treating the skin as it opens up the pores and allows the impurities to be releases. Hot yoga does the same, and also increases sweat release from the body. This removes the impurities and toxins better, thus resulting in a glowing skin. 

Reduce Glucose Level

For those suffering from diabetes, or high blood glucose level, yoga is known to provide great benefits. It is in itself a wonderful way to bring down the blood glucose level. Hot yoga also brings down the blood glucose level and does it much better by increasing the blood flow through the body. 

Boosts Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular exercises aim at working the lungs and the heart. The hot yoga also challenges these organs of the body and helps in improving the cardiovascular health. 

It is important that you always perform hot yoga under the supervision of a trainer. There are many challenging poses and you need to have a trainer take you through the steps. If you have any old injury, you need to tell that in advance so as not to cause any further harm. 

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