All About The Basic Mudras For Yoga


Mudras are the gestures used to maintain energy flow within the body. There are various ways which involve the entire body, or just the fingers. For different fitness aims you want to achieve both mentally and physically, the gestures vary. They hold extreme importance in the ancient Yogic culture. Yoga is all about guiding positivity into your chakras, and mudras are the tools for the same. While doing Pranayama or meditation, it is advised to make a gesture which suits you. Following are some of the basic ways you can use it to get health benefits. Your spiritual and mental space will be decluttered with their use.

Mudra of Knowledge

Join the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb. Yes, this is how easy it is to form the mudras. This particular one will lead you on a path of spiritualism. If you think that depression and anxiety have led you away from peace of mind, it’s time to awaken your senses. The enlightenment is termed as true knowledge, and that is where this mudra leads you. Visible improvements in mental power, concentration, and memory take place.

Yoga Mudras
All About The Basic Mudras For Yoga

Mudra of Life

To form this mudra, use the tips of your little and ring fingers to touch the tip of your thumb. This gesture is used to energize your lifestyle. If you often feel exhausted and lack motivation in the spirit, this one is for you. The secret to having a good life is to enjoy every moment of it. This mudra drives away the lethargy that has carved a home in you. Fighting off diseases and building stronger immunity is one way it does it.

Mudra of Air

According to Hindu mythology, our body is made up of five elements. Air is one of them. It is important to control what it does to your body, and therefore finds its place among basic mudras. The disturbed mind is calmed with the help of this. If you are restless and worried, this is probably going to soothe you. It also controls gastric issues and bloating. 

Mudra of the Sun

Sun holds high positions as the driver of energies on the earth. Therefore, Mudras that control the sun help you in weight management. With the tip of your ring finger, pressurize the base of your thumb. It also helps in maintaining body temperature. This is also the cure to digestive problems and cold strokes. If you have frozen joints, then mudra of the sun is your go-to aid. 

Yoga Mudras
All About The Basic Mudras For Yoga

Mudra of Emptiness

There are times when we feel that a lot of stuff is going on in our lives. We crave a little solitude from all this. This mudra lends us exactly what we might be looking for at that moment. Fold your middle finger and let its tip touch the base of the thumb, and press the finger with your thumb. Its regular practice can help with heart diseases and hearing.

Mudras help you get through life by inculcating the much-needed peace. They cure physical ailments helping you settle the mental conflicts. There is no substitute easier than mudras which help you get through life!