Cork Yoga Block Fitness Equipment (2 pcs)

What Does Your Home Yoga Practice Mean To You?

A cork yoga block fitness equipment is the ideal tool to make your yoga postures all the more effective. Yoga is an ancient proven Indian science of health and wellness. You need to make various body poses and stretch your muscles while performing yoga asanas. But some of the poses can be very difficult for beginners to perform. A yoga block helps to enhance your overall yoga performance.

What Exactly Is A Yoga Block?

A yoga block is a brick-like tool used to add height and support to your body while performing yoga poses. These are made from different materials like wood, foam, plastic and even cork. The cork yoga blocks are most-sought after because they are light in weight and are environment-friendly too. A yoga block is useful in performing various yoga poses like Virasana – Hero’s Pose, Ardhachandrasana – Half Moon Pose, Supta Baddha Konasana – Reclining Bound Angle Pose and in Fish Pose. A yoga block enhances your yoga asanas. These have been designed by yoga experts who felt the need of certain blocks to be placed for ease and effectiveness. These blocks are available in a set of two pieces. With the help of these blocks, you can get an enhanced height or support between your legs and thighs.

Cork Yoga Block Fitness Equipment (2 pcs)

How To Use A Cork Yoga Block?

The cork yoga block is generally available in the 4-inch size. This block is extremely light in weight. You can place it between or beneath your hips and knees for support. You can even sit on any one of these blocks while performing certain seated asanas. These blocks help to balance your sitting bones. They are also used to balance your body while performing the standing poses. A cork yoga block is ideal to add extra length to your body. It helps to fine-tune your poses. You can use it as an extension of your arms and also for supporting the hips, back, and head. These blocks can be very useful to those who are performing intermediate or advanced level yoga poses for the first time. These support your range of motion and also shorten the space between the ground and the body.

Cork Yoga Block Fitness Equipment (2 pcs)

What Are The Features Of Cork Yoga Block?

A cork yoga block is perfect for performing various yoga positions. This one comes in a two-piece set. These blocks are simple and durable. They are engineered from environment-friendly materials. The cork material is a great alternative to foams and plastics. It has a non-slip base that ensures you complete safety while performing advanced yoga postures. These blocks are also light-weight and very comfortable to use. A cork yoga block features dimensions of 22.5 x 15 x 7.5 cm. To clean a cork yoga block, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth to remove the superficial dust. For a deeper cleaning procedure, you can use mild soap and water. You should let your cork block dry out completely before using it.

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