International Yoga Day Celebrates Fitness Every Year

International Yoga Day Celebrates Fitness Every Year

The art of Yoga has spread like wildfire in the past couple of decades. The numerous benefits and ease of practice have made it the most popular fitness mantra. People believe in its goodness. And also wish to gain more and more from this discipline. Seeing its universal appeal, the United Nations thus decided to promote it. Therefore, in 2014, the UN declared 21st June as the International Yoga Day. Larger sections of world population become aware of Yoga through this.

Functioning as the means of unification for consciousness and self, Yoga is very vast. On International Yoga Day, various Yogis from around the world conduct several programs. They educate masses about its advantages. Every year the UN selects a theme related to prevalent issues. And the Yoga convention revolves around it!


The UN declaration occurred on 11 December 2014. Hence the first International Yoga Day was celebrated in 2015. Since then five editions have successfully taken place. Each had a unique theme portraying the growth and development of Yoga.

International Yoga Day celebrations
International Yoga Day Celebrates Fitness Every Year


In this year, AYUSH ministry of India celebrated the International Yoga Day on a grand scale. With massive participation from NCC cadets and delegates from 84 countries, it became extremely successful. Thus when the 35, 985 people gathered together to perform 21 Yoga asanas, history was created. World records were registered in both the Guinness and Limca Books. This event at Rajpath sent out a strong message to the world. The world leaders and dignitaries came forward to support Yoga practice.


In former year celebration, the event took place at Rajpath. While in 2016, the venue shifted to Chandigarh. This attracted mass youth participation. The future generations should take Yoga seriously and practice it regularly. In this way, the decline in general public health can be controlled to a great extent. This celebration was titled “The National Event of Mass Yoga Demonstration”.


The number of participants grew greatly in two years to 51,000. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent out the message of Yoga to crowds of Lucknow. The celebration also became international. New York and Japan made efforts to join the Yoga league. The world requires more attention to peace and health. Both of these are Yoga’s prime benefits.

International Yoga Day celebrations
International Yoga Day Celebrates Fitness Every Year


In this year, International Yoga Day shifted focus from health. The theme for the fourth anniversary was “Yoga for Peace”. World peace was the central notion. Yoga handled the responsibility of strengthening international relations. In Kota, over 100,000 people gathered to create another Guinness World Record. The world had not seen such huge scale Yoga participation previously. 


“Yoga for Heart” took the center stage this year. There is a rising risk of heart diseases. So, it became necessary to address the role Yoga can play. The event was conducted in Ranchi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi led a gathering of 40,000 Yoga enthusiasts. International Yoga Day has now become a global festival. It celebrates the goodness of Yoga. The discipline originated in India. But the disciples are everywhere!

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