Kids Yoga Poses That You Should Teach Your Children Right Away

Kids Yoga Poses

While you may believe that kids and yoga do not quite match, you will be completely wrong in believing so. Why so? Yoga is meant to bring a sense of calm and restfulness into your daily lives and the same is required for children too. This exercise is as beneficial for children as it is for adults. Besides, yoga can also help increase mindfulness in your children! Another plus point of introducing your kids to yoga quite early in their life is because they will have this habit when they grow up and that will indeed help them a lot in their adult lives. But then again, kids yoga poses are quite different from what is generally taught to adults.

So, which yoga poses should you teach your kids? Let us check them out.

The Tabletop Pose

The tabletop pose is also one of the basic postures for other poses like the cow and the cat. For doing this pose, you need to rest your hands and knees on the ground with your knees hip width apart. The palms should be right under the shoulders and your back should be absolutely flat.

The Cat And Cow Pose

For doing the cat pose, hold the tabletop position and flex your back into a round while tucking your chin into your chest. For doing the cow pose, lower your belly into a curve towards the ground and push your chin up towards the air. Do this alternatively. Also, since these are children trying it out, you can also encourage them to meow or moo while doing the pose so they can also have some fun. These exercises can indeed warm up your spine.

Standing Forward Bend

For this, you need to stand up straight and grab your ankles by bending your waist. If it is difficult for your child to grab their ankles, you can also ask them to bend their knees in order to grab it. This strengthens their calves and knees while stretching their hamstrings. If your child needs to bend their knees, don’t worry, with practice they can grab their ankles without having to bend the knees.

The Downward Facing Dog Pose

The downward facing dog pose is not only the easiest, but there are also chances of your child having done it naturally. They can try this pose by rising up from their hands and knees. Another way to try this is by bending forward and placing the hands on the ground and then stepping back while stretching the hips. This pose not only energizes them but also excites them with the upside down view!

Wrapping Up

Whenever you are doing something new with your kids, you need to make it fun and exciting for them to stay put to it. How can you do the same with yoga? By trying it out with them! So, make sure to have a great time with your kids while trying out these simple, easy and fun kids yoga poses.

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