Learn The Art Of Acroyoga

Learn The Art Of Acroyoga

Are you a fan of acrobatics and have been extremely fascinated by its poses? Do you wish to perform all the seemingly impossible stunts with your yoga partner? Then here is a concise guide to getting started. The basic tips, elements, roles, and all the fine aspects which you need to begin are all here. All you now need is a strong will to dive in this world. Let us first understand the basic roles you can choose to perform –

  • Base – If you choose to be the base, you will be in most contact with the ground. You will often have to lie to provide stability to the pose by balancing the flyer over you.
  • Flyer – If you wish to be the flyer, you will need to polish your movements and enhance your flexibility skills. You will mostly stay in contact with air, and only relying on the base for any kind of support. The ground will be out of your reach. 
  • Spotter – As a spotter in Acroyoga, your task is to make the pose better. You need to spot any errors, or simply make changes to make the appearance more graceful.
Acroyoga poses involving balance and strength
Learn The Art Of Acroyoga


Acroyoga is a combination of various acrobatic styles and yoga poses. Thus it involves perfecting every aspect of physical fitness. Mind and body coordination is also extremely important for performance. Here are some major elements of Acroyoga-

  • Static Poses – In these poses, the partners support each other by keeping a steady pose that does not involve any movement. The forces are applied in reaction and maintained. 
  • Acrobatic Flying – As the ‘flying’ in the name suggests, this involves great movement. The transition between various static poses like ‘whale’ or ‘bird’ requires acrobatic flying.
  • Therapeutic Flying – The main aim of such flying is to let the flyer relax. This is possible only when there is enough trust between the partners.
Acroyoga poses involving balance and strength
Learn The Art Of Acroyoga

Basic Poses

The basic poses of Acroyoga focus on building flexibility and developing trust between base and flyer. All these require extreme concentration and mental strength to sustain the difficult poses. Hence as a beginner, you should focus on being fit for the purpose. Here are some poses to try out –

  • Front bird – This is a static pose where the base lifts the flyer. The base uses its feet to raise the flyer above maintaining abdomen as the point of contact. Faces of both partners are in the same direction. Flyer keeps the arms stretched at sides.
  • Whale – This one requires Base to use both hands and legs in Acroyoga. The Flyer stays in a reverse position such that the face meets feet of the base. The base supports legs of the flyer with hands.
  • Bow & Arrow – In this pose, the Flyer’s body gets support at right angles by the Base. One hand of Base is held by Flyer’s hands, while the other supports one foot. One leg of Base lends firmness to the back of flyer. The latter stretches the other leg in the air. 

Acroyoga is an upcoming fitness form which has already found a profound base of practitioners. You can be a part of it too!

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