Tips For A Safe Yoga Practice


Safe yoga practice can help you reap maximum benefits from yoga. Yoga offers a complete workout for body and mind. Today, yoga-related injuries have also become common because people are not following the right fundamentals for a safe yoga practice.

10 Tips For A Safe Yoga Practice
Tips For A Safe Yoga Practice

Tips For Safe Yoga Practice

Never Compete With Others

You should never see yoga as a competitive sport. Everyone’s ability to perform is different and so are their bodies. Just to out-perform someone you cannot exert a greater force on your body or put it out of its comfort zone. It is always better to gradually increase your performance capacity and never jump into anything.

Sync Your Movements With Your Breath

Your breath should never be choppy while performing yoga. Yoga is meditation in motion and hence, you should keep in mind that your breath and body are in sync and ease with one another. With every movement of your body, your breath should come naturally and never feel forceful. Moreover, try to focus only on your breathing patterns while performing each movement.

Challenge Yourself, But Don’t Strain

While there is no harm in gently pushing your body to its maximum limits, you should know when to stop. There is a thin line of difference between straining and challenging. If you strain your body beyond its limits, you might end up with an injury.

Seek A Yoga Teacher

While you may be practicing yoga by watching videos online, it is always better to seek out a yoga teacher who can guide you and monitor your movements. A mentor or a guru can encourage you to push to your maximum limits but never over-strain yourself.

Find Your Comfort Zone

You know your comfort zone the best and while your yoga teacher might be pushing you to strain just a bit more, you are the best judge of your body’s capabilities. Never believe in the strategy, ‘no pain, no gain,’ as this does not hold true for yoga.

Give It Time

Always remember that Rome was not built in just one day. As you practice and perform the asanas every day, you will find your body slowly opening up and relaxing a bit more each day. If certain yoga postures are not your cup of tea, you should not feel incapable. For example, not everyone can perform the headstand, so you should be patient and just try doing it with dedication and focus, instead of jumping into it right in the beginning.

All these are some of the key fundamentals one must keep in mind for a safe yoga practice.

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Tips For A Safe Yoga Practice

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