6 Fundamental Keys To A Safe Yoga Practice


Safe yoga practice is very important if you want to benefit from this ancient science of health and wellness. The asanas may seem simple but if you do them improperly, you might have some serious side effects. To gain the maximum benefits from yoga, it is necessary that you indulge in safe yoga practice. These are some of the fundamental keys you must keep in mind.

6 Fundamental Keys To A Safe Yoga Practice
6 Fundamental Keys To A Safe Yoga Practice

Fundamental Keys To A Safe Yoga Practice

Be Attentive

Yoga is not only about completing the poses as instructed, but you also need to feel each movement in your body. You need to be aware of your breath, which is most necessary. Yoga is all about mind and body wellness together. If while performing a pose your mind gets distracted, you should bring it back to your movements and breathing patterns. As you do that, your body can function better.


Warming up before yoga is equally important as in other forms of workout. The movements in yoga might seem slow and different that in aerobics, Pilates or other cardio exercises, but they do put in a lot of stress on your muscles and joints. Therefore, it is necessary that you warm up your body to enhance your blood circulation before you begin.

Do Not Over-Stress Your Joints Or Muscles

Never perform a movement that exacerbates your pain. Do not think that experiencing pain while exercising is normal. Yoga believes in not doing anything that hurts the body. Always ease into a pose gradually and hold on to it only if your body is feeling comfortable. There is a thin line of difference between the pain of stretch and the pain of over-exertion. Know that difference and never exceed your limits.

Use Props

Everyone’s body is different and therefore, never shy away from using props like yoga blocks or bolsters while doing a pose. These will never reduce the efficiency of your asana, instead, it will make it even more enhanced and effective. Moreover, props like bolsters and blocks also help to align your bodies better.

Know Your Body’s Basic Anatomy

It is always beneficial to know the basic body structure and the working of the organs from within. This information will help you notice the red flags your body is showing if a certain position is making it uncomfortable.

Talk To A Specialist

It is best to seek expert advice to ensure safe yoga practice. Your doctor might advise you to refrain from performing certain asanas. If you have any history of diseases, your doctor can advise you better so as to prevent any further complications.

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6 Fundamental Keys To A Safe Yoga Practice

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