Feel Suffocated In Exercise Leggings? Know Why Some Yogis Are Ditching The Skin-Tight Leggings

Skin-tight leggings are often worn for yoga, Pilates and many other forms of exercise. These are often made from flexible and stretchy fabric. But sometimes, the fabric used is too tight and sticky. It does not allow proper air ventilation. You end up feeling itchy and uncomfortable with such skin-tight leggings. As yoga is a more holistic form of exercise, yogis feel that one should feel more comfortable and airier while performing the asanas. They have now started ditching the trend of wearing skin-tight leggings. They prefer more comfortable and loose-fit pants. Read on to find more.

Why Are Yogis Ditching Skin-Tight Leggings?


Often the fabric used to give a stretchy texture to the leggings is nylon, polyester or spandex. These feel scratchy and itchy on the skin. This makes you keep on tugging at your leggings instead of concentrating on the exercise. You end up not enjoying your yoga practice.


Skin-tight leggings often are very tight on the legs. This leads to poor blood circulation. You get irritated with the leggings and as a result, do not enjoy your exercise.

They Make You Feel Shy Of Your Body

If you have a big butt or thick thighs, skin-tight leggings showcase your actual body shape. This might make you uncomfortable. If you wear loose-fitting harem pants or other such loose-fitted exercise trousers, this camouflages your fat easily and does not make you look obese.

So What Is A Better Option?

Yogis are now turning to loose-fitted harem pants or wide-crotched pants. These are airy, comfortable, fun to wear and flexible. They cover your body in a beautiful way and hide all your flaws. These are available in diverse colors, shapes, styles, and designs. You can wear these pants for work, exercise, casual outing with friends and many such other occasions.

Shop These Cool And Comfortable Yoga Apparel

Women Yoga Apparel Set

Be fashionable and stylish while doing yoga, pilates or any other form of exercise with this stylish yoga apparel. It is made from an anti-shrink material that will not fade away or bleed even after multiple washes. The size quality will not suffer in this garment. It features cute designs that are very nice to look at. You can use this garment set as loungewear or simply relaxing at home. You can even wear them for sleeping. It is available in sizes S, M and L.

Loose Wide Leg Yoga Pants

These pants enable you to look stylish and yet perform your asanas with ease. These look fashionable and trendy. The pants come in various sizes and hence can easily cater to different sizes and shapes of women. These are also available in different colors and so you can choose your favorite color. You can also buy one each in a different shade to add variation to your yoga routine. The yoga pants are fabricated from cotton/polyester/acrylic/broadcloth fabric blend. These are available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, 4XL, and 5XL.

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