The 8 Yoga Instructor Archetypes

The 8 Yoga Instructor Archetypes

This article focuses on how yoga teachers and instructors fall in one of the eight archetypes or categories. Yoga is the tool that keeps our mind, body, soul, and actions in sync. It focuses on creating a balance between all and, so, a great deal of importance is placed on the instructor too. Who you learn Yoga from makes a lot of difference in what you learn and how you learn Yoga.

The 8 Yoga Instructor Archetypes
The 8 Yoga Instructor Archetypes

How We Choose Yoga Classes

But we often seem not to give it a lot of attention. When we feel like we need to or want to join a yoga class, we enquire about options and compare them on factors like distance from home, charges, duration of sessions, timings of classes, reputation, or brand name; we go by its reviews. We seldom try to fix our decisions based on the instructor, rarely. But we should realize that each instructor is a human after all and brings a different energy and aura to the class. Just getting others to imitate the yoga asanas is not how Yoga is taught. A good teacher explains the why and how both – in detail.

Basis of our experience, we try to classify the yoga instructors into eight archetypes or typical characteristics. That does not mean that we will sort them into a suitable type or a wrong type; there is none. It is not useful or wrong here, and it is just a slightly humorous take.

The Earth Mother

This one leads to a typical yoga class. She practices and preaches to veganism, minimalism, and living life the earthy way. She sees Yoga beyond its physical mind. For her, it is more like a state of mind, good quality of living, and treating others. She inspires her students to eat the right, natural stuff. She has a rather assertive approach.

If you are seeking some grounding and improvement in the quality of life, wellness in living, this is the type of instructor that will serve your purpose.

The Drill Commander

They resemble that one strict gym instructor who we dread. They are a little tough on you. They put you into discomforting positions and expect you to keep on hold for a bit longer than what would seem to you as a millennium. Like, they would want you to stay in the plank for 5 minutes! They give strict commands.

If you are someone who loves challenges, this instructor type is most suitable for you!

The Corporate Logo

This one walks and talks Yoga like it is a fashion and the most in-thing in town. She promotes her Yoga on Instagram, and each class starts and ends with Instagram stories and pictures of improvement. She is an energy inspirer and believes in focusing on promotions of different commercial products in sessions indirectly or even directly sometimes. She will notice your apparel and compliment you when she likes your new yoga pants.

The Anatomical Physician

Aerial Silk Yoga Hammock
The 8 Yoga Instructor Archetypes

This instructor type loves going into the details of each yoga pose in terms of how it alleviates pain and improves which joint of your body. She talks like a mix of massage therapist and a doctor giving you clinical details. She makes you feel like you are in good hands.

For the ones who seek details and like Yoga for lifelong learning, this instructor type may be the most befitting.

The Tunist

You know your teacher is this type when your classes are playlist based. Music is the foundation of their course, and you enjoy doing Yoga. She mixes the conventional by adding a new touch.

If you want Yoga to be an enjoyable experience in all, take a tunist’s class.

The Best Friend

They are more than just teachers. They extend their capacities to being a mentor, a coach, a friend who guides, a confidant. You can share your troubles with them. They give excellent feedback as they are observant. They notice a quick change in your mood and can tell you how your mood is by just looking at you.

This instructor type keeps you committed to the practice.

The Showy Type

We have all met alike of this type at least once. They are the ones who do the most difficult asanas and poses and hold them for long minutes to show off what and how much they know. They are perfectionists in their teaching and focus on the form.

When you are looking out for some encouragement, take a class with this instructor type, and you will love it.

The Guru

The 8 Yoga Instructor Archetypes
The 8 Yoga Instructor Archetypes

They teach the art and craft of Yoga in the most traditional forms. They don’t like to divulge from regular Yoga. Their class is fixated on chakras and asanas and may offer you some shlokas in between classes. They will surely make you practice oms in their classes.

Rooting and balance are what this archetype will bring to you.

The yoga instructor type you seek or enjoy reflects a lot about how you are and what you are deep within. So, always do some self-reflection to check compatibility.

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