The Isha Yoga Movement For Blissful Balance


Do you find it difficult to balance the Yogic lifestyle with your modern one? Does it occur absurd to renounce worldly pleasures for spiritual awakening? Don’t worry you are not alone with your thoughts. In the world we live, it is impossible to detach ourselves. The Yogic path of spiritualism requires a person to surrender a lot. Not only in terms of habits and material thoughts, but they also need you to change your entire way of living. They attempt to shield you from the desires and wants of human minds. But living such a life in this era is not feasible! You have to play your role in society. So there is a middle way which combines the Yoga path and keeps you a social being. This delicate balance is achieved by Isha Yoga.

The Thought

Many people were not able to experience the spiritual aspect of Yoga due to the various limitations in practice. But they couldn’t leave behind their jobs, family, and normal human life to connect with the almighty. Thus Sadhguru came with Isha Yoga. It is a comprehensive program teaching the various traditional aspects of Yoga without disturbing your modern life. Moreover, the inner growth achieved is relevant in daily life, and there is no pressure to ace at it. Your own sweet pace is the key, as inner peace is the destination. Contrary to popular beliefs, they do not wish to make you denounce the world. They only hope that you find your spiritual path. And both of them are not correlated. With this Isha Yoga has continued to touch many lives. Transforming the way people look at divinity, making them feel the very existence within them.

About The Creator

If you are wondering about the person who went against these established beliefs to make the people connect with Yoga, it is Sadhguru. He is the man who established the Isha Foundation, created special Isha Yoga programs, and went on to train thousands. He is an Indian Yogi, mystic and an author of several books on topics of contemporary living. The attempt he made to transform the way people look at Yoga changed the vision of many.

At the age of 25, he had a spiritual experience which drove him to leave his business behind. The much-needed thrust to dive in mysticism and spirituality was derived from here. After traveling and introspecting for a year, he was sure what his aim was. He went to teach Isha Yoga and help people attain the same experience like his. He wondered if it would change their lives too.

Sadhguru: Founder of Isha Yoga
The Isha Yoga Movement For Blissful Balance

Today the Isha Foundation has hundreds of centers across the world making people connect with the higher self. Isha Yoga has been an aid in all that they wish to achieve. They aim to bring the population closer to oneself, to lead a life of self-discovery. And this they plan to do with their founder’s specially designed programs of Isha Yoga. There is no reason why you shouldn’t just try diving in your self. What you’ll discover will surely amaze you!