What Does It Take To Be A Yogi?

What Does It Take To Be A Yogi?

When we come across the word Yogi, the image of a person living in the Himalayas pops us in our heads. The popularized meaning of the word comes to our mind first. We think that they have denounced all worldly pleasures and live their lives in suffering and penance. But this is hardly true! Etymologically, Yogi is a practitioner of Yoga. And in the ancient language of Sanskrit, it means to become one with the divine. But the meanings have been masked and forgotten over ages. That is why it is considered as an insane wish to turn a Yogi. But it can grant you everything human desires. Peace, contentment, self-discovery, these are some key elements of what a Yogic path offers. If you wish to go beyond the physical aspect of Yoga, bliss will follow.

The Beginning

In the very beginning, Yoga seems futile to those who have never experienced it before. But after a couple of days of regular practice, the benefits become evident. The feeling of lightness is the first sign of being a Yogi. The pace is slow and first, the control is established on breathing. The correct technique is introduced. Then, few postures for relaxation of the entire body come into the picture. By this time, every beginner embraces the practice and enjoys every moment spent doing Yoga.

Female Yogi performing asana
What Does It Take To Be A Yogi?

Sukhasana, Shavasana, Vajrasana, etc are three of the most basic poses. These intend to bring peace of mind and allow your stiffened posture to relax. When you set out to be a Yogi, you need not detach yourself. You only need to attach faithfully to the divine power. In the actual life of a modern human, one cannot become devoid of responsibilities and duties. But still, you can choose the Yogic life. There is no restriction to unite with the truth. Because truth aims to make us free, and not put walls on what and what not we can do.

How To Practice?

If you have already started with Yoga regularly, then put your heart and soul into it. The key to becoming a Yogi is to obtain a mindset of purity. Therefore it becomes increasingly important to view everyone and everything in the right light. In physical forms, Yoga is practiced through asanas and Pranayam. But to follow it mentally and spiritually, a Yogi needs to leave all prejudice behind. Fair treatment of all fellow beings, whether human or not, is required. The path of Yoga to spiritual awareness believes that there is no one more superior than the self. But the superiority is not in this form. It has to be unlocked by traversing a path. Reaching there is only possible you achieve sanctity. Each thought and intention should pious and not contain any malice. Negative thoughts deviate a Yogi from his sadhana, his practice.

Female Yogi practicing asana
What Does It Take To Be A Yogi?

Contrary to popular beliefs, becoming a Yogi is not insanely difficult. It is only humanity which should be followed, and humans need to learn it. All yoga teachers aspire to transform us into better human beings. And a true Yogi is a human who never leaves the path of humanity.

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