Yoga Circle Zen Design Advance Yoga Tool

A yoga circle zen design is the ultimate tool for advanced yoga poses. If you have been practicing yoga regularly, then this tool will enhance your positions and enable you to get the best out of your yoga practice. Many yogis and yoga teachers use this tool for their advanced yoga poses. It relieves your body stress and also reduces your backaches. You can stretch your back and shoulder muscles better using this tool.

Yoga Circle Zen Design Advance Yoga Tool

Features Of This Yoga Circle Zen Design Tool

This tool or a yoga wheel can be used for advanced yoga positions. It helps to open up the frontal parts of your body. It also stretches and relaxes your back. The tool has many health benefits. You will feel a better body balance, better stature and posture, and better flexibility. The yoga wheel provides relief against your back pain. It also gets you better mobility. The yoga circle zen design has an anti-slip padding and an impact-resistant inner circle that can be used for safety purposes. The size of one wheel is 33 x 13 cm. It is made from ABS and TPE material. One yoga wheel can take up to a maximum load of 180 kg.

Where To Buy This Yoga Circle Zen Design Tool From?

There are many stores selling this yoga circle, but not all are made from good quality material. Moreover, some wheels do not possess inner padding. You can buy a genuine and best quality yoga wheel from Online shopping has proved to be a major boon today. With many eCommerce sites selling yoga equipment online, you can buy from the comfort of your home and with just a click of the mouse. You can buy this yoga circle Zen design from This wheel will be a wonderful decision for your yoga sessions.

Benefits Of This Yoga Wheel

This wheel is made of a non-slip material and hence it prevents you from falling on your back while performing yoga. It has a lovely Zen design. The Zen logo is imprinted on the padding of the circle. It is available in five colors and you can choose your favorite color option. There are various health benefits to this wheel. It can give you a good back massage. It will feel like a therapist is rubbing your back. Moreover, it stretches your spine and back. It helps you perform advanced yoga positions. This tool improves your core muscles. It helps to better your overall balance too.

The wheel is also quite durable. Buying yoga wheels from other sites may require you to replace one soon. But this one is made from good quality ABS plastic and TPE material. It can carry up to 180 kgs of weight. This wheel is impact resistant and hence heavy pressure will not damage it shape or form. It is reliable and safe to use even for very complex positions. It has an anti-slip pad that is given to prevent slipping from moisture or sweat.

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