Yoga Kids: Yoga Helps Kids Become Stronger And Smarter

5 Yoga Poses For Kids And How To Teach Them

Yoga for kids specifically includes those asanas which can be performed by kids easily. These asanas are also quite beneficial for their mental and physical health. Yoga for kids helps them become smarter and stronger. A few yoga asanas are mentioned-below which helps kids of all ages.

Yoga Kids: Yoga Helps Kids Become Stronger And Smarter

Why Is Yoga For Kids Effective?

In today’s world with our fast-paced lives, peer pressure, the pressure of performing in sports, academics pressure, etc, kids undergo a lot of stress. Stress today is no more only an adult’s problem. Kid’s equally face a lot of stress and anxiety. The ancient system of yoga helps kids improve their concentration and focus in studies and sports. Yoga has shown proven results in improving children’s grades. Yoga also helps to increase their creativity, confidence, and stamina.

If children learn yoga right from a young age, they develop a calm attitude and become emotionally stable. They are better able to handle stress as they grow up. Yoga helps kids relax and gain strength. Moreover, practicing yoga from a young age, makes their bodies flexible. They can stay away from obesity and develop healthy food habits.

Yoga Kids: Yoga Helps Kids Become Stronger And Smarter

Yoga For Kids – Which Poses Are Beneficial?

Bridge Pose

The bridge pose or the Setubandha Sarvangasana is a yoga asana that is extremely beneficial for children. It helps them calm the mind and reduce stress. Moreover, practicing this pose regularly helps kids improve their digestive health. It makes your legs muscular and strong.

Happy Baby Pose

A happy baby is often seeing sucking its toes while lying flat on the bed. Inspired from this is the happy baby pose or the Ananda Balasana. In this pose, you have to lie down flat on the ground and then bend your knees towards your belly. Hold on to your toes while laying in this position. This pose lengthens and stretches the hip joints.

Hero Pose

The hero pose or the Virasana is a seated pose that improves the posture and increases circulation in the legs. It prepares the body for sitting in meditation for prolonged periods. The Virasana helps in creating a deep flexion in the knee joint and makes it stable. This posture is excellent for the knees and keeps them healthy and mobile. Practicing this pose early in life will keep the children’s knees in excellent condition.

Cow Pose

The Cow Pose or the Bitilasana is mostly practiced along with the Cat Pose or Marjaryasana in combination. When done in combination with the Cat Pose, one can get dynamic results. The Cow Pose improves the flexibility of the spine. Bitilasana relieves tensions in the lower back, neck, shoulders and middle back. It engages the core muscles strengthening them.

Cat Pose

Marjaryasana is one of the 12 basic yoga poses. This asana is generally performed in combination with the Bitilasana. The Bitilasana is the Cow Pose. These two poses are collectively also called as the ‘Cat-Cow Pose’. This pose is ideal for beginners as it stretches the muscles of the back and abdomen. This pose reduces stress by calming a person’s mind. It helps to create an emotional balance and increases the core strength.

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