The 8 Yoga Instructor Archetypes

What Does Your Home Yoga Practice Mean To You?

There are many yoga instructor archetypes and it is a good idea to know a bit about your teacher to know whom you will be dealing as you begin your training. Each yoga instructor is unique and they tend to infuse the class with their own principles, opinions, and energies. While no two instructors are the same, most of them fall under the basic archetypes. Eventually, if you start noticing this, you might end up picking your guru on the basis of their archetype.

Yoga archetypes might be heroes, mentors or monsters. A yoga teacher archetype may come under any of these categories, but they all have good intentions. While some may even have traits of two or more archetypes, mostly, they all fall under one category only.

The 8 Yoga Instructor Archetypes
The 8 Yoga Instructor Archetypes

Yoga Instructor Archetypes

The Earth Mother

This particular type fulfills all the notions one has of a yoga guru. They are vegas, buy organic, are eco-friendly people and are minimalist. They reject all forms of modernization of the yoga practice and believe in sticking as close to nature as possible. They often come up with soft words of encouragement and are very gentle. They are restorators and believe that yoga is a more mindful practice.

The Drill Sergeant

A drill sergeant is just the opposite of the Earth’s mother. They shout commands and are very strict. They make you think why did you ever join the class. They give no respite in-between asanas and can get very rude when you prefer to skip a pose. You should seek out such teachers if you feel you need something more challenging.

The Corporate Logo

Such teachers will always be seen wearing the latest yoga gear, owning the best accessories and having knowledge of every yoga type. They are more digital and you can find them updating their practice on Instagram often. They are always trying to promote themselves or their brand. They make the class very energetic and infectious. If you want your yoga session to be interesting, you should join a class by such archetypes.

The Physician

Such archetypes can be compared to doctors, massage therapist or physical therapists. They have in-depth knowledge about human anatomy and also share a lot of inputs on how each pose benefits your body. They can make you feel very secure. Such teachers are best for those who love getting into the detail of each pose and want a well-balanced workout every time.

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The 8 Yoga Instructor Archetypes

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