Yoga Mat Lotus Spike Acupressure Set

Yoga Mat Lotus Spike Acupressure Set

Acupressure mats are manufactured using high-quality material that offers a painful-free experience. It contains LOTUS and COTTON spikes, which are gentle, hypoallergenic pad for muscle massage, pain relief, and increased blood circulation. The pillow set demands secure storage. It is known as the bed of nails to offer full benefits. Let’s see what some of the features yoga mats provided and how you can purchase them.

Yoga Mat Lotus Spike Acupressure Set

A lotus spike acupressure set is a perfect yoga mat that helps you achieve a healthy and flexible body. It mainly focuses on relaxation. Using it, people can learn different exercises and poses. It offers many health benefits, as well. Doing yoga is not a tough task with proper posture. It will keep the bones and spine healthy.

Also, it decreases blood pressure and increases the circulation of blood flow throughout the body. At the same time, you will be benefited from positive thoughts. It relaxes not only your body but also a calm mind. It will allow you to have a better and deep sleep at night. Also, it is known to boost the immune system. That’s how you can achieve excellent health and peace of mind.

Yoga Mat Lotus Spike Acupressure Set Features


It makes use of 100% cotton as well as the hypoallergenic pad. In the market, there are lots of yoga mats that offer painful experience. However, lotus spikes crafted using a gentle and soft pad that gives your body complete relief. Also, the material used is nylon and ABS.

Immediate Benefits

The yoga mat offers natural healing capabilities because of polymer spikes. It releases negative energy through the spine. Within a few minutes, it will cause relief neck pain and back pain. You need to apply the weight of your body to the acupressure massage to massage the muscles. Thus, it relieves chronic pain, stress, migraine, and a stiff neck.

Holistic Alternative

It eliminates the need for expensive treatment for chiropractic care, massage therapy, and cellulite. Since it is made using Chinese spike meditation methods, it improves metabolism and rejuvenates skin. The yoga mat proves to boost mood via the release of endorphins; thus, in turn, offers good sleep quality.

Washable And Portable

The yoga mat is hand washable. That is to say, and it is dirt and waterproof with a clear travel bag.

Acupressure offers lots of physical and mental benefits. It releases serotonin to regulate behavior and mood. With lotus spike acupressure set, you prevented from depression. It also helps to get rid of fatigue, insomnia, and back pain. Depression usually makes people dull. However, all sorts of physical pain minimize with acupressure set.


An acupressure set allows you to have a clear mind with a healthier body. You are thus able to increase your energy by reducing body pain. This yoga mat contains around 6219 acupressure points while the pillow has 1700 acupressure points. Want to start your day better? Buy the yoga mat acupressure set now. It comes at an appropriate cost, and the delivery is done directly at home.

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