Total Body Yoga Warm-Up

Yoga warm-up exercises are performed before you proceed to the more intense ones. Warm-up exercises prepare the body for further rigorous stretches. These help you stretch your joints and your muscles. If you perform intermediate level poses without an initial warm-up, it might lead to a ligament tear or muscle pain.  Warm-up exercises are generally mild and more of the cardio nature. They increase your heartbeat and fuel your lungs and prepare you for more. The following yoga warms up poses should be performed initially to prepare your body for further intense stretches.

Woman Wearing Black Fitness Outfit Performs Yoga Near Body of Water
Total Body Yoga Warm-Up

Yoga Warm-Up For Neck

Keep your neck in a neutral position and take slow deep breaths. Inhale and slowly turn your neck towards the right and then exhale and bring it back to the center. Repeat the same for the left side. Repeat these neck exercises thrice. Similarly, follow the same pattern for up and down neck movements. Also, rotate your neck in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions thrice each.

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Total Body Yoga Warm-Up

Yoga Warm-Up For Shoulders

Sitting in a neutral position, move your shoulders up and down, while inhaling and exhaling in every movement. Similarly, perform a shoulder rotation, both clockwise and anti-clockwise. To rotate your shoulders, you need to keep your fingers on the top of your shoulder and keep your elbow down. Then, start rotating in both directions thrice.

Yoga Warm-Up For Hands

Sitting in the same position, interlock the fingers and pushing your palms outside, stretch your hands. Inhale and stretch your hands in front of you and then exhale and bring them towards you. Repeat this also thrice. Patients with high blood pressure should avoid this exercise.

Yoga Warm-Up For Spine

Bring your hands in the front and slowly push them forward as much as you can on the ground. This exercise will stretch your spine. Then bring your hands back slowly and again sit upright. Next, placing your hands on the side of your left knee, walk them slowly forward to stretch the right side of your back. Similarly, follow the same for the left side of your back with the other hand.

Total Body Yoga Warm-Up
Total Body Yoga Warm-Up

Yoga Warm-Up For Hips

To stretch your hips and prepare them for more intense poses, this total body yoga warm-up regimen includes the tadasana or the mountain pose. Startup straight with your feet three feet apart and keep your hands parallel to the floor. Now going down on your left side, bring the left hand down, just as in Trikonasana. Keep your right and pointing the ceiling. Inhale and get back to the center and also repeat the same for the right side. Also, perform hip rotation both clockwise and anti-clockwise thrice.

Yoga Warm-Up For Ankles And Toes

Stand on your toes and slowly move up and down, without touching the ground. Repeat these four to five times to stretch your ankles and also your toes. All these exercises will speed up the blood circulation in the body and also prepare your body for more intense yoga workouts.

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